I’ve been planning for a long time to create this blog and finally it’s time to get started. Let me tell you a little bit about the blog and myself.

About the blog

Use Less Divs blog is primarily built for web devs, but it will be useful for anyone, who want to learn more about web accessibility.

If I find something interesting, I will share it with you.

During the time you spend on this site, you will find the following:

  • Interesting blog posts about accessibility
  • My new favourite articles under the Reading List section
  • Quick updates about my learning journey
  • And probably a bunch of other things.

This blog was built with Gatsby, React (this is the first time I worked with them), and used Sass and the BEM methodology.

Fun fact: this is the first post on this site.

The design was created by a good friend of mine. He's a very talented artist, so check out his other works on his Behance and Instagram.

About me

Hey, my name is Joco (/yotso/). I'm an accessibility enthusiast and a sitebuilder at a middle-sized company based in Budapest.

During working hours I'm maintaining the company's website, which is made with a static site generator, called Jekyll and I mostly writes HTML and CSS with a few lines of JavaScript.

My main goal is to share my knowledge and raise awareness about the importance of accessibility, because I want everyone who surfs the internet to feel comfortable.

Please, if you find any bugs on this site, share it with me, because I want to fix it, and I learn better from my mistakes. :)